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We export all kinds of Ceramic digital wall Tiles. We maintain strict quality control measures that enable us to supply our product range to our clients. These products are sourced from the renowned manufacturers who are known for offering quality products. Due to our wide network base, our range is catered to various clients based in various country.

Technical Specification

Properties ISO 13006/EN-159 GROUP B-3 GLARE Value
Deviation in Length & width Max. +/-0.5% Max. +/-0.3%
Deviation in Thickness Max. +/-5% Max. +/-4%
Straightness of Sides Max. +/-0.3% Max. +/-0.3%
Rectagularity Max. +/-0.5% Max. +/-0.3%
Surface Flatness Max. +/-0.5% Max. +/-0.3%
Surface Quality Min. 95% Min. 95%
Water Absorption 10% 14-19%
Flexural Strength (Average MOR) > 15 N/mm x mm > 16 N/mm x mm
Scratch Hardness of surface(MOHs scale) Min.3 Min.3
Crazing Resistance 1 Cycle 2 Cycles
Linear Thermal Expansion 9 x 10^{6}/K Max 9 x 10^{6}/K Max
Thermal Shock Resistance No Damage No Damage
Resistance to household chemicals Resistance Resistance
Resistance to Staining Resistance Resistance

Digital Printing Specification

Screen Printing Digital Printing
Printing Resolution(DPI) 60-80 350-1000
Printing Accuracy Low High
Printing Consistency Low High
Print on uneven Surface Not Possible Easily Possible
Edge to Edge Printing No Yes
Customization No Easily Possible
Design Range Limited Endless
No. of Printing Colours 2-4 No Limit
Naturally varying Design No Yes

Packing Details

Normal Size Box Tiles Per Box Weight(Approx.)
300 x 450 mm 6 Pcs. 12.0 Kgs.
300 x 300 mm 6 Pcs. 12.0 Kgs.