240.00 CAD

Large, Deep Goldfish Bowl in Porcelain/Stoneware

Handmade in our Toronto Studio by Resident Artist Phillis McCulloch

When you were a child, did you have a pet goldfish? You might like to know…

  • The breeding of goldfish as ornamental domestic pets began in China during the Tang Dynasty

  • The goldfish was popularized in Europe after being introduced in Portugal

  • In the 1600s, their metallic scales were symbols of good fortune and goldfish were often given as first anniversary gifts from husbands to their wives

  • Goldfish were brought to North America in the mid 19th century

  • The collective noun for goldfish is “troubling”

Phillis feels that the fish gracing her pottery have been caught in a chance moment. They are situated where they happened to be swimming when the piece was decorated.

These fish do not require food or fresh water. They will simply swim eternally for you.

Dimensions: Width: 11.25 inches x Height: 5 inches x Weight: 2.75 lbs