250.00 CAD

Medium Ginkgo Leaf Platter in Porcelain/Stoneware. Handmade in our Toronto Studio by Resident Artist Phillis McCulloch.

The Ginkgo Tree has existed in its present form for over 200 million years, and an individual tree is a miraculous living fossil that can have a lifespan of over 1,000 years! The ginkgo is not vulnerable to any leaf-eating insects since it evolved before the insects.

The Chinese have cultivated and used Ginkgo for over 5,000 years to build vitality and alertness. Extracts derived from Ginkgo leaves are reputed to have healing properties, benefiting neurological and cardiovascular systems.

Phillis celebrates the qualities of the Ginkgo by employing the unmistakable silhouette of its leaf in her ceramic designs. Her hope is that you too will feel the special significance of the Ginkgo.

Dimensions – Width: 12.5 inches x Height: 1 inch x Weight: 2.75 lbs